Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More On Seed ("My people perish for lack of knowledge.")

More On Seed  ("My people perish for lack of knowledge")
First, one has to believe that The Word of God is true.  What is known in the intellect has to drop down into the heart and become real and alive, personally.  Once we believe that there are no mistakes in God's Word, we are ready to begin applying it.  No matter if we do not understand all that we hear or read.  If there seems to be a contradiction, we now know that it is in our own understanding, and not in The Word.  Now, first we sow the seed we have (what we understand). Then, we reap a harvest of multiplied seed (more understanding). This is how we get understanding.  If seed is just held in our hand, or only eaten and forgotten, it will not produce a harvest.