Friday, July 22, 2011



No grasshopper am I
And here's the reason why:

My Jesus lives and reigns inside of me.
Though giants be in the land,
I stand at God's right hand.
A greater Army there could never be.

No grasshopper am I.
No need for me to cry,
For God is on my side both day and night.
When you belong to Him,
The path is never dim.
He'll go before and make the pathway bright.

No need for me to fear.
The Lord is always near,
Though there be giants as far as I can see.
I will not look at them.
Instead, I'll look at Him,
And watch His mighty hand deliver me.

I've set my face to go,
And neither friend nor foe,
Can stop me from reaching Heaven's Land.
I'll run through troops..they'll fall
I'll leap over any wall.
God holds me sweet and gentle in His hand.  

EMD  1979



My Bible is like a Treasure Chest
With my Father's Riches inside
T'was opened when I began to seek
Though it was locked when I'd tried to hide

I'd tried to hide from That I had sought
And, believed the world held my gold
But, I found it lay in God, Himself
When I took Him from earth's man-made-mold

I sought God, Himself, not man's concept
He spoke things I'd read, never "heard"
He revealed His Treasures in Jesus
As Gold, woven all through His Word

I love to pour through my Treasure Chest
Caressing Its Gems one by one
Knowing there'll always be Treasure there
The Living Word, Jesus, God's Son

EMD 9/5/80