Friday, December 30, 2011




It is written that in the last days, knowledge will increase.  This is happening more and more  rapidly.  Wednesday night, we heard a message about God's timing.  We heard about how certain things had to be in place before Jesus was born.   Now in the 21st Century,  knowledge is increasing, and we have Google to search out the truth of things we hear that sound new to us.... things we may have never considered before.   I believe we now have the means to check out information for ourselves, instead of accepting or rejecting a thing because of our opinion,  or because we have always believed a thing, or because we want to keep on believing what we've always believed..... if it pleases us.  

What if God sends people like He has in the past, to prepare His remnant to separate themselves from the things of the world and to make known what HIS will has always been for His own. He does not change, but we do.   Has the separation  of the sheep and the goats begun?  Maybe not. That may come later.  But, what if God is trying to prepare a remnant to raise up in these last days to be His vessels in the earth, to spread The Truth, of His Word. And, not just The Word itself, but to confirm it with  signs following before His return?  Isn't that what we say we want?  But, what if they will NOT receive a thing that goes against what they have come to love and in which they  find so much good?  If we REALLY WANT to know a thing, we can now look it up for ourselves.    Just saying.

I have had to admit, there are some important things of which I have been ignorant.  I am glad I found the truth of things I had not known, even though they were things that had  been a big part of my life.  And, habits, even if we do NOT love them, can be difficult to give up, and there are things we may be convicted to give up......IF we knew the truth about them.   But, I had to stand on the truth, even though no one stood with me.  For, not too long before I "began" to learn a thing, God had asked me, one day........"Can you stand alone?"  And, I said, "Yes."  I stayed married for better OR worse for thirty years(until death did we part), because I told God I would.  Could I do any less in these last days?   I want all He has for me, and for Him I would give up everything in this world, for He is all I desire.  I believe there are more out there that would do the same for the same reason.  He has said that we would find Him when we search for Him with all of our heart.  What if it is Him trying to speak to us through members of His Body that we may have judged without really hearing all the evidence, or really knowing where they are coming from, because we did not hear them out, but only in part( Did we ask)?  We need to question people who  bring us a message sometimes to see what they are saying instead of assuming where they are coming from. We may learn some things we need to know.  And, THEN, if we hear any real error, should we not, rebuke that error?  Just asking, and I think this is a valid point, and a valid question.

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