Saturday, December 4, 2010


Am I a soldier of The Lord,
Strong in the might of God?
Am I ready for his orders?
Do I watch for His nod?

Do I have all my armour on,
To stand against the foe?
Could I, right now, stand against him,
Should God now bid me go?

Do I have Truth girt round my loins?
Herein does my strength lie
With it, I know I can stand,
With my head held up high.

Is my righteousness that of God,
Worn as my breastplate proud?
Or do I think that mine can win?
Have I, to Jesus, bowed?

Am I prepared with God's good news,
To set the captives free?
Are my feet shod, ready to go,
Or do I , bare feet see?

Is my shield all shined and ready,
And held up sure and strong?
My shield of faith the darts to quench,
Those darts of hurt and wrong.

Is Jesus' covering on my head?
Is my salvation sure?
His salvation is my helmet.
Of Him, I can be sure.

Is my sword drawn and ready?
No lion that every roared,
Can turn one, in his tracks around,
Like words of Christ my Lord.

Am I praying in The Spirit,
With earnest seeking heart,
And watching out for God's dear saints?
Am I doing my part?

Am I a soldier of my Lord?
Have I done all I can?
If I have surely done my part,
Then God will make me stand.

Marie Duncan 3/29/80