Monday, December 6, 2010


He brought me to His Banqueting Table,
And, before me, opened His Word,
To teach me things far more wonderful
Than any I've ever heard.
Things I have never before understood,
He's begun to explain to me.
My spiritual eyes, which Satan blinded,
He has healed, and now I can see.
How I praise you, my Shepherd, now my King.
I love you with all of my heart.
We are bound by Truth now, forevermore.
And we'll nevermore have to part.
Your Truth has descended into my heart,
As my heart rose in praise to You.
You have turned the water into wine,
And are making all things anew.
I am no longer in the world below.
For I'm high in the clouds with you.
And though we are hidden, still to the world,
Through the clouds, The Son will shine through.
And, when The Son shines through in His fullness,
Every man, on his face, shall fall.,
And cry out to The King of All Glory,
"Christ Jesus is Lord over all!" 

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