Friday, December 10, 2010

In clouds of glory, He shall come
Those very clouds shall be
These lowly earthern vessels
God gave us, you and me.
When Gideon's trumpets sounded
The pitchers broke in two.
So, when the last trump sounds for us
We'll break out, me and you.
Our Light will shine in that dark hour
Men's faces gather shame
As lightening, we shall light the earth
Our faces be as flames
God's not raising an army up
To up and fly away
But, one that's robed and ready
He wants those who can stay
We've listened to the words of man
For, oh! so very long
That when God tries to speak to us
We think His words are wrong
We hold fast to man-made doctrines
Avoid God's Spirit True
But, when we stand before the Lord
Excuses will not do
Though most are sure we'll "fly away"
God's voice is being heard
And if we listen just to Him
With Truth, our loins, will gird.
Up in The Spirit, caught away
Closed 'round with peace in God
Till angels gather all the tares
Then, we will rule this sod.
A thousand years we'll rule and reign
Till chaos starts again
And then He'll put a final end,
To all earth's evil men
A city new, just built for us
Is what awaits us then
Eternal Joy forevermore
Is what we are to win.
So, when, in church, they start to sing
"Oh, we shall fly away"
Remember, God's preparing us
As shining stars to stay
God says, by haste, we'll not go out
So, what's this taught by man
Caught up with Him in perfect peace
With armour on, we'll stand!!!

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